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FlyBoard is an innovation in the water attractions and we are showing it to you first! All the lovers of extreme sensations can enjoy flying up to 8 meters above the sea level, diving in like a dolphin, water somersaults and many more.


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If you want to escape from the monotone routine, to make your holiday a bit different or just to try something new – then you are at the right place.

Hristo Hristov

"Although my surf school name is EXTREME, to learn how to surf is far from extreme in the meaning of hard and dangerous. Many people have а false impression about this and they think that windsurfing is expensive thing. With todays equipment concepts the learning process takes literally 2 to 3 hours and it is a lot cheaper from learning to ski for example and its at least 100 times safer. I truthfully wish that more people know about this because windsurfing is worth trying!"

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- Ravda - "Olympic hopes" beach

- Nessebar - "Barishte" - beach Nessebar South

- Nessebar - "Barceto" - beach Nessebar South - eastern end

- St. Vlas - Beach East

- Sunny Beach - North Beach