"Although my surf school name is EXTREME, to learn how to surf is far from extreme in the meaning of hard and dangerous. Many people have а false impression about this and they think that windsurfing is expensive thing. With todays equipment concepts the learning process takes literally 2 to 3 hours and it is a lot cheaper from learning to ski for example and its at least 100 times safer. I truthfully wish that more people know about this because windsurfing is worth trying!"
Hristo Hristov

Windsurfing school EXTREME is one of the first Bulgarian windsurfing schools. It opened 15 years ago at same place, where the former Yacht Club “Akademika” windsurfing school used to be. The school is based at a quiet inlet between Ravda and Nessebar. The windsurfing school is having 5 bases, located in walking proximity to one another, all offering various condition for windsurfing.

EXTREME SURF SCHOOL Успяхме да научим незрящо момиче да кара сърф! Трудно ли е, лесно ли е или просто е магия, знае само човекът успял да я научи да чувства вятъра и да усеща водата, дъската и платното така, сякаш са нейно естесвено продължение. Невиждайки, тя се довери на гласа, който я водеше през това пътуване и финала е повече от щастлив! Той е феноменален! Казват, че има само една пречка, която ни пречи да стигнем там, където искаме. И това сме самите ние! Преодолеем ли себе си и намерим ли вяра, намерим ли човек, който да ни води в нашата тъмнина.... няма непостижими неща!

The most modern equipment

The windsurfing school has the most modern and reliable equipment, which accounts for quality from the world-famous brands Star Board, RRD, NeilPryde, Gaastra, Tabou, HiFly, etc. Those who want to get really good at windsurfing have everything that they need – modern base, modern equipment and highly-qualified instructors.

Regardless of how experienced you are at windsurfing, windsurfing school EXTREME is the best place for both beginners and advanced. Besides the individual lessons, we offer trainings in groups as well, which can be in the form of children camps, team buildings or just an unforgettable experience with friends.

The school has special kids equipments and organizers group lessons, with maximum 20 kids per group.

What you need in order to learn how to windsurf is not to be afraid of the water, to be between 7 and 77 years old and to be motivated. We promise you that you will learn how to windsurf for just 6 hours in the water!

The peak season is from the beginning of June until October.

Since 2012, EXTREME Surf School is proud to have its own windsurfing shop, which is located at the central base. Along with the windsurfing, we offer diving and waterskiing lessons, jet-skiing, waterbikes and many more.

Take advantage of our offers, including all-inclusive packages (hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner) and windsurfing course with highly qualified instructors.

If you want to escape from the monotone routine, to make your holiday a bit different or just to try something new – then you are at the right place. We offer you the opportunity to quickly reach a level, at which you will be able to actually enjoy the unique feeling of windsurfing. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The EXTREME Surf Team

Our objects

- Ravda - "Olympic hopes" beach

- Nessebar - "Barishte" - beach Nessebar South

- Nessebar - "Barceto" - beach Nessebar South - eastern end

- St. Vlas - Beach East

- Sunny Beach - North Beach