Motor base

Motor base


FlyBoard is an innovation in the water attractions and we are showing it to you first! All the lovers of extreme sensations can enjoy flying up to 8 meters above the sea level, diving in like a dolphin, water somersaults and many more.

If you are brave enough, you will want instantly to have a drive, or better - have a dive!


Raising a parachute from a boat - a parachucker type!


You will have the opportunity to ride crazy and fast, take a tour of the area, explore the sights of the water, share the extreme with the pleasant in the company of friends and relatives or other clients.

Water attractions (crazy shark, UFO, banana, etc.)


Wakeboarding is a water sport and the wakeboard is riding on the water surface. Combines water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.

Water ski

Water ski towed by jet using a rope.

Our objects

- Ravda - "Olympic hopes" beach

- Nessebar - "Barishte" - beach Nessebar South

- Nessebar - "Barceto" - beach Nessebar South - eastern end

- St. Vlas - Beach East

- Sunny Beach - North Beach